Edinburgh Day 1: the layered city

14.09.2012 | photography | 2 Kommentare

Yeah, this is us! Leaving Germany during stormy and rainy weather, Edinburgh at least stayed dry until the late evening.

We used the first day to explore the city, stepped up to the castle hill (which in deed was not as awesome as I had thought before). But the city’s architecture is absolutely crazy. Everything is build on top of something else and the city has got so many layers.

When we left our hostel at the Grassmarket, I saw this woman sitting in front of a hotel and found it a hard contrast between the vacancies-sign and her begging for some pence.

My highlight (next to drinking beer and coffee in the pub or in our hostel definitely was climbing up Calton Hill, where we had a great look over the city and up to Arthur’s Hill, which is gonna be our destination for today.


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2 Kommentare

09/20/2012 08:34

Die Bilder sind fantastisch, habe eine Schwäche für die Häuser dort!

09/29/2012 19:28

Die Stadt sieht ja mal so richtig dreckig aus, aber irgendwie auch interessant. Ich glaube die Fotos würde man in keiner Image Brochüre finden (was nicht heisst das sie nicht nice sind)

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