Still Parade – Actors

30.05.2013 | music | Kein Kommentar

I can’t remember, if I’ve ever seen a German band climbing up to the top twenty of Hypem‘s most popular songs before. In case of Still Parade all that was necessary to do this was the video, a free download of the great song Actors and about a week of time. Well done, Still Parade.

Side-note: former Ghost Of Tom Joad drummer Christoph Schneider is part of the band.

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Instagram is: a documentary about instagram

29.05.2013 | thoughts | Kein Kommentar

During the 25 minutes of Instagram is I’ve heard a lot of interesting opinions about the meaning of instagram for others and what makes this social network so fascinating for them. Speaking for my own, I haven’t thought about my usage of instagram in that detail, but als Flo already mentioned: in some of the statements I find myself again.

But what makes this documentary really interesting for me, is the fact, that instagram for many people isn’t just the start of using a new form of social network, but much more like the kick in the ass to explore their own creativity and start photographing and see the world through different eyes.

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27.05.2013 | photography | 1 Kommentar

I took this photo by the end of April, when I was in Hamburg with my film crew FLMR to record an acoustic session with Hamburg based band BrixtonBoogie. Interesting side note: the session was finally published by due to circumstances.

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With prices this cheap, shut the f*ck up.

23.05.2013 | design | Kein Kommentar

Great campaign for low budget airline RyanAir by Hugo Gstrein, perfectly showing peoples freebie-mindset on a funny and honest but also offensive way. Good job!

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Every noise at once: list of all music genres with examples

23.05.2013 | music | 9 Kommentare
Every Noise At Once

This is really awesome stuff. Not long ago I was thinking about a situation at school, when a friend of mine asked in class, if there’s someone who could fill the genre fields in his mp3-tags correctly for 50 euros. He just got an iPod and wanted everything tagged correctly. This is, where Every Noise At Once would have come in. The website shows a map of all music genres, we have and they’re clickable to play example sounds (e.g. The Strokes for indie rock or The Raconteurs for garage rock) and searchable by bands. I’ve tried some by now and some of could really be found on the map. Interestingly: when searching for bands it also shows similar artists, which is a great way of discovering new music. Great thing!

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When Saints Go Machine: Iodine

22.05.2013 | music | Kein Kommentar

I’m absolutely flashed by the new music video for When Saints Go Machine Iodine. An absolutely crazy venue, nice slow-motion shots and perfect colorgrading paired with the quite slow song make a pretty awesome cinematic music video. This is 2013. I am really looking forward to see the band perform live again on Appletree Garden Festival this summer.

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Changes! Changes! Chances!

21.05.2013 | thoughts | Kein Kommentar

As the headline already proclaims. There will be changes according my blog.

You can see the first one right now: I’ll switch over to English as the language of the blog. These changes will take some time (as far as I’ve written in German for four years here), but step by step I’ll translate parts of the blog. How long will I do this? I don’t know. Maybe it’s just an experiment, maybe I’ll stay english here.

The second change can be seen already, too: I’ve updated my design a little bit. It’s a step back to a typical chronological blog layout, where I don’t necessarily need a featured image for every post and even simple no-text video or image post will work. I hope this will lift up my frequency in posting interesting content, because the barrier of starting to type an article is much lower this way.

I intend to get more personal with this attempt. One more step away from this magazine-like publishing, back to the point where I started: a personal weblog, where I can write about stuff I love without any restrictions.

Honestly, here is one thing I’ve learned during the last years:

Having no boundaries in blogging, being kind of free and limitless with the things you do is the greatest! This is what made me start this, this is what helped me starting these changes and this is what hopefully will help me keeping on track for a long long while.


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