Christian Bardenhorst | born 1987 | studying to become a teacher for primary school | Osnabrück



This is Christian Bardenhorst writing here since 2009. stereokultur is my digital home and currently driven as a weblog in a quite traditional way. Topics vary from photography to filming, from music to cinema or anything that touches me.

Passion is the key to quality

Thinking about a lot of blogs I used to like, one thing I found out was, that many blogs characterize themselves by their quantity of output. I used to try to keep up with them and lost fun in blogging. The current state of stereokultur is the result of a lot of self-reflection and uses a huge amount of love and passion as the key to quality. It’s not about posting the big ones anymore, it’s much more about posting the secret fruits.

Creating pieces of pop culture

stereokultur is not just a collection of pieces from the internet, it also features my works from the fields of photography and fiming (and even some design stuff). I love taking photos since 2007 and I’m on of the founders of a film crew called FLMR since 2010.

A deeper view into my works can be found here soon.