Every noise at once: list of all music genres with examples

23.05.2013 | music | 9 Kommentare
Every Noise At Once

This is really awesome stuff. Not long ago I was thinking about a situation at school, when a friend of mine asked in class, if there’s someone who could fill the genre fields in his mp3-tags correctly for 50 euros. He just got an iPod and wanted everything tagged correctly. This is, where Every Noise At Once would have come in. The website shows a map of all music genres, we have and they’re clickable to play example sounds (e.g. The Strokes for indie rock or The Raconteurs for garage rock) and searchable by bands. I’ve tried some by now and some of could really be found on the map. Interestingly: when searching for bands it also shows similar artists, which is a great way of discovering new music. Great thing!

via kfmw

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